Frequently Asked Questions

* How do I contact you?

By phone: 708-308-9578 or by Email:

*Why is your cost so low?

I keep my costs low by using free or low cost web hosting and advertising so my fee is not a burden to your wedding budget. Contact me to find out if I'm a good match for your wedding.

*How much do I charge and what does that include?

Each ceremony is unique so please contact me for your price.  My fee is all inclusive.  No travel fees and No time limits.  708-308-9578

50% deposit is requested to hold your date. This is non-refundable however will transfer deposit to another date. The balance is due at rehearsal.  All prices include: All face to face meetings, rehearsal, and wedding day, all phone and email correspondence. Emergency back up personnel. Once you have given me the marriage license I will sign and deliver it to the county clerks office.  You can request your certified copy directly from the county clerks website.

**Additional Fees: NO Additional fees.  The price I quote you is it and no more.

*Am I ordained?
Yes, I am an ordained minister of First Presbyterian Church since 2000 and have a masters in Divinity & Theology from Nyack College in NY.  My ceremonies are legal in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Florida and Las Vegas.  I can easily register in any state prior to conducting a ceremony. I am a recognized member of American Association of Wedding Officiants and five time winner of the Outstanding Couples Award and will supply all certifications to the county clerks office prior to the ceremony and return the signed wedding certificate to the appropriate county office.

*Types of Services
I have many to choose from Traditional, Contemporary, Religious, Civil or something from all the above.  I will participate in themed, costume, Goth weddings so please ask.  Quickie Services also available.

*More About Me...
I am 48 yrs old, married over 15 years, creative, out spoken and witty.  I was in the design industry for many years and introduced new products to large groups in a convention hall setting. This requires a personality that can take charge at events and speak clearly over loud salesmen, crying babies or feuding in-laws.  I performed about 45 - 60 weddings per year and love every minute of it. 

How did you get into this business?

 I grew up in Hammond, IN.  When I was 16 my family moved to New Jersey. It has a large dominate religious population which Indiana did not have.  I had never known a religious organization with so many rules.  My church was simple - be good, do good for others and thank god.  My church also teaches that God is with us at all times.  He is not with you more for being in a building with other like minded people and no less if your alone in a park.  It breaks my heart to find this dominate religion will not marry their members outside the church, or for a 2nd marriage, if your living together, if you already share a child and list goes on and on.  I spoke to my minister about all things heavy on my heart and she suggestion I would be the perfect minister to provide religious services to those wanting god in their service but have no church.  My church sponsored my education and I became an assistant minister to my church for a several years prior to my husband's company moving to Chicago. Now I'm a freelance minister and substitute for near by friends when available.  My true calling is providing wedding services, baptisms and volunteering for veterans and animals.

*Marriage License

It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain the marriage license from the county you will be married in and provide  it to me prior to the ceremony.  I will sign and send license to the county clerks office via certified mail to ensure delivery.  You can request your certified copy directly from the county clerks website.

What are the Rules?
To get married in Illinois, you need to obtain a marriage license in the county where you will be married. Each county has different rules. Below are the minimum requirements for marriage licenses for the State of Illinois, based on the “Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act” (750 IL Code of Statutes, Chapter 5, Part II, “Marriages”). Your county might add additional requirements. You must check with the county and comply with its specific requirements.

Who May Marry?
The couple each must be at least 18 years old. Special rules apply if either the person is under 18 years.

How Do You Apply?
Couples must apply for the marriage license in person & together. Application fees : Each County is different so please check in the County where you will be married.  There is no blood or medical examination required in IL. The couple must present current or valid photo Identification, such as a driver’s license or state-issued photo identification card.

When May You Be Married?
There is a one-day waiting period after submission of the application for the marriage license, before its issuance. The marriage license is effective only in the county where it was issued, one day after the date of issuance. It is valid for 60 days.  You must get married in the county where the license is issued.

What is on the Marriage License?
The information on marriage licenses vary by county.  Most have basic information such as full name, city of residence, and age.  Some may include occupation, full address, social security number, date and place of birth of the couple; the name, date, place and court in which any previous marriage was dissolved or declared invalid, or the date and place of death of any former spouse of the couple; the name and address of the parents or guardian of the couple, if either are underage; and whether the couple are related to each other and, if so, their relationship.

What Must You Do with the Marriage License?
The couple must take the marriage license to the wedding ceremony. The wedding officiant completes the license after the wedding and submits it to the appropriate county clerk within 10 days of the wedding ceremony.  Upon receipt of the signed marriage license, the county clerk registers the marriage. 

Do you have more Questions?
The Illinois Department of Public Health has a helpful website listing many “Frequently Asked Questions”. 

Thank you for visiting my page and may you have peace and love always.


Tele: 708-308-9578 / Email:

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